Firmware Update and Configuration Tool

WebSerial Required

The firmware update and configuration tool requires WebSerial to function but it looks like your browser doesn't support this feature. We recommend to use one of the following browsers:

  • Chromium
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera


If you prefer not to use any of the above browsers, there are other options available.

For Bleskomat ATM operators, please refer to the Bleskomat ATM User Manual for alternative methods of configuring your device. The link to the manual can be found on the Help page.

For Bleskomat DIY'ers, please refer to the bleskomat-diy project for instructions to compile/upload firmware as well how to configure your device.

Connect the Bleskomat hardware device to your computer via USB cable. Then press the "Connect" button below.

Upload Firmware

Use the form below to update the firmware running on the Bleskomat hardware device.


Pre-built firmware to install on the device.

Hardware Configuration

Use the form below to re-configure your Bleskomat hardware device.

Fiat Currency Options


Changing the fiat currency requires re-training the coin and/or bill acceptor(s) of the device.


The per trade (buy) limit that will be accepted by the device. When an inserted bill would cause the accumulated value to exceed the limit, the bill will be rejected. All coins will be rejected once the largest coin value would cause the limit to be exceeded.


The number of digits to the right of the decimal point when rendering fiat currency amounts.

LNURL Signing Options


When set to "false", the device will show the "Temporily disabled" screen and customers will not be able to use the device.


Set of words from the BIP39 word list to help uniquely identify this device.


Used by the server to verify signatures created by the device.


The API key secret which is used to generate signatures by the device.


The explicit encoding of the API key secret. This can be "hex", "base64", or empty-string (e.g "") to mean no encoding.


The prefix for signed LNURLs generated by the device. It has been discovered that some wallet apps mistakenly only support lowercase URI schema prefixes. Uppercase is better because when encoded as a QR code, the generated image is less complex and so easier to scan. Leave empty to not prepend any URI schema prefix.


The Base URL for signed LNURLs generated by the device. The recommended value is "" unless you are hosting your own bleskomat-server instance.


Whether or not to shorten the LNURLs before encoding as a QR code

Display Options


The orientation of the TFT display.


The contrast level between text and background colors. If the ambient light level is low, decreasing the contrast can improve scannability of QR codes.


The locale used when rendering text to the screen.

Coin Acceptor Options


For the DG600F coin acceptor. The value of coins for which the coin acceptor has been configured. Each value separated by a comma. Integers and floating point (decimal) values are accepted.


For the HX616 coin acceptor, which communicates via pulses to the ESP32. The value here will determine how much fiat value each pulse represents.

Bill Acceptor Options


The value of bills for which the bill acceptor has been configured. Each value separated by a comma. Integers and floating point (decimal) values are accepted.

Button Options


Wait time before the QR code can be cleared by pressing the button

Keypad Options


Comma-separated list of GPIO numbers for the keypad's row pins


Comma-separated list of GPIO numbers for the keypad's column pins


The keypad character list read left-to-right, top-to-bottom

Online Mode


Number of milliseconds of inactivity to wait before the device will enter power-saving mode.


Common errors and problems that you might encounter.

ERROR: Failed to connect to Bleskomat: No port selected by the user.

Is the hardware device connected to your computer? If yes, try to disconnect it then reconnect it. Or try a different USB port.

ERROR: Failed to connect to Bleskomat: Failed to open serial port.

Reload this page and then try again.

ERROR: Failed to connect to Bleskomat: The device has been lost.

Disconnect then reconnect the device to your computer's USB port.

Stuck with the following message:


Press and release the FLASH/EN/RST button on the device.

trying to sync with bootloader...
failed to sync with bootloader
ERROR: Failed to connect to Bleskomat: connect error

On the device, press and hold the FLASH/EN/RST button then press and release the BOOT button.


Need a bit of help or have some questions? Join the Bleskomat Telegram chat to get help from the team or other hackers and operators. Or feel free to contact us directly by email at and we will do our best to reply in a reasonable time.