Bleskomat Firmware Update Tool

Use the form below to monitor and update the firmware installed on your Bleskomat hardware device.


The type of firmware to install on your device - e.g. select "Bleskomat ATM" if you have the complete ATM product, or select "Bleskomat DIY (HX616)" if you have built your own version using the bleskomat-diy project with the HX616 coin acceptor.


Common errors and problems that you might encounter.

ERROR: Failed to connect to Bleskomat: No port selected by the user.

Is the hardware device connected to your computer? If yes, try to disconnect it then reconnect it. Or try a different USB port.

ERROR: The device has been lost.

Disconnect the device then reconnect it. Or try a different USB port.

Stuck with the following message:


Press and release the FLASH/EN/RST button on the device.

trying to sync with bootloader...
failed to sync with bootloader
ERROR: Failed to connect to Bleskomat: connect error

On the device, press and hold the FLASH/EN/RST button then press and release the BOOT button.


Still not able to get it to work? Join the Bleskomat Telegram chat to get help from the team or other hackers and operators. Or feel free to contact us directly by email at and we will do our best to reply in a reasonable time.